Legal disclaimer


Website: the Internet website under the domain address, including the content visualization of the related subordinated and partner domains.

User: a natural person identified or - directly or indirectly - identifiable by any given personal data, e-mail address or username, visiting the website or using any functionality thereof with or without registration.

Operator: The company Wolves Group Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Wolves Group Kft.) as responsible publisher and operator of the website; service provider and data manager.

System: The website offered by operator with all its functionalities, services and contents as well as the program codes and databases for the visualization and operation of the website.

Marketplace: The designated advertisement surface and system on the website enabling users of the website to upload their own products and advertise them in order to sell them.

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Conditions for the use of the website

The basic condition for registration and use of the website is the acceptance of this Legal disclaimer!

By registering on the website user declares to have read and understood the whole text of the Legal declaration and to accept this as obligatory for himself/herself!

The website can be used by anyone, but only at its own risk and liability!

Operator is entitled to unilaterally modify the Legal disclaimer in the future, if notifying users about this on the website in advance and drawing their attention to this!

Most of the contents on the website can be seen by visitors without registration.

Comments, stories, evaluations on the website reflecting the opinion of the users have no connection whatsoever with the opinion of operator on these.

The partial or complete use, quotation or secondary disclosure of the contents on the website is only possible with the preliminary consent of operator and by disclosing the sources.

The content of the website is only for information purposes, any use thereof is at the risk and liability of user.

Operator is not liable for any inconveniences due to any hidden or any other defects of the website - inaccuracy of data, typographical error or other false information!

Operator excludes his own liability for compensation for damages with regard to any possible defects, accidents or damages arisen! Operator excludes compensation for damages resulting from the operation of the website and its services differing from the expected, modification of use, cancellation or loss of information and contents, any limitation of the services! Operator will try to correct any possible errors as soon as possible.

User alone is liable for contents uploaded to the website by him/her and the resulting consequences. User is solely liable for all contents provided or disclosed by him/her as well as all material and immaterial damages resulting from the content or in connection with it.

The contents uploaded to the website are the results of uploads by users and therefore operator is not able to verify their origin and compliance with the legal regulations.

User cannot request any considerations in return for the contents uploaded to the website!

User acknowledges that operator is not liable for the materials disclosed on the website by other users.

Due to the quantities of the materials operator does not check and control the contents put on the website, neither regarding content, nor from the legal point of view. In every case the uploader is liable for the content appearing on the website.

User is liable for keeping his/her data, username and password necessary for login to the website in secret and not disclosing these to third parties.

User is solely liable for all activities on the website under his/her own registered name.

By uploading content to the website user simultaneously authorizes operator to wholly or partially publish this content in any other media.

User gives its consent to publish and store the contents uploaded by him/her to the website, even after the deactivation or cancellation of his/her user account.

By registering on the website user accepts and warrants that he/she will:

  • 1. only upload own and real content to the website
  • 2. only disclose his/her own contact data
  • 3. fill out all data required by the system according to the truth

User undertakes full and in time unlimited warranty for the content uploaded by him/her, also extending especially to the fact that the information is real, up-to-date and complying with the valid legal regulations.

It is prohibited to make information accessible, which violates copyrights, business secrets, patents, trademarks or any proprietary rights!

User cannot violate any valid legal regulation!

Operator reserves the right to cancel immediately and without warning the account of users having false data or violating any other condition.

In the course of the use of the website it is prohibited to use names offending the lawful and acknowledgeable interests of others, obscene or scurrilous, racist expressions or expressions abusing or offending others’ religion, nationality or sexual orientation. User warrants to behave responsibly and to respect other users.

In the course of the use of the website it is prohibited to harass, defame, incite or insult other members or to violate personal and other rights of other users in any other way.

Operator reserves the right to remove any content deemed offending or insulting by operator or deemed to be violating any other regulation immediately and without warning and to suspend or cancel the account of the user uploading the given content.

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Operator provides space for advertisements and publishing on its website, but it does not carry out negotiating activities between user and the respondents to his/her advertisements. Any form of contact between advertiser and user answering the advertisement is the sole liability of the above persons.

The products in the Marketplace are the sole result of uploads by users, operator has nothing to do with these and therefore operator is not liable for the authenticity, originality and quality of the products in the Marketplace or for any other possible problem or defect arising - affecting the product or the user advertising the product!

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System protection

It is prohibited to use the system for other purposes than intended!

It is prohibited to use methods aiming at visualizing advertisements accessible under Marketplace in other systems.

It is prohibited to use the system for any unlawful or unauthorized activities!

Unlawful or unauthorized activities include - without limitation - the following ones:

  • 1. modification, adaptation or reverse engineering of any part of the system for indecent, unfair purposes
  • 2. unauthorized access or access attempt to enter the IT system of operator
  • 3. uploading or forwarding of viruses, worms, errors, trojans, harmful program codes or any other attacking elements
  • 4. registering user accounts with automated systems
  • 5. unlawful gaining or collecting of data on other users (username, e-mail address, password etc.) or the use thereof
  • 6. disclosure of materials of any third party without the consent of the third party
  • 7. uploading content which is unlawful, advertises unlawful activity or encourages to such
  • 8. providing false or misleading information
  • 9. uploading contents of unjustified quantities or qualities to the system

Operator is entitled to exclude from the use of the system without an explanatory statement those who violate the Legal disclaimer!

In addition to the above Operator is entitled to make any content inaccessible from the system or to cancel such from the system without an explanatory statement. Operator is not liable for making any content inaccessible from the system or cancelling such from the system and excludes the reimbursement of any material or immaterial damages resulting therefrom!

For all above regulations the subjective judgement applies, thus operator reserves the right to individual statements in individual cases.

To proceed on behalf of the site, to refer to it or to violate any legal regulation on behalf of the site does always qualify as infringement of the regulations or criminal offence and will always result in legal prosecution!

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